Custom Wood Locker

Create the ultimate team locker room with custom sizes, colors and wood finishes

Your facilities reflect your tradition as well as your expectations for future success. The one area where this matters most, the area that impacts your players every day, is the team room. More than just a locker room, your team room needs to inspire, recruit and function. Through our early-stage consultative approach our team can assist you in creating a custom locker for your team room that meets your functionality and aesthetic needs while staying within your desired budget.

The GearBoss® Advantage

  • Custom Consultation and Design – Locker designs are customized to the client’s vision. We integrate a range of materials, technologies and configurations to ensure the ultimate team room is achieved.
  • Durability and Support – With over 45 years of commercial casework expertise, Wenger Corporation has established a high-quality locker line that features a ten-year warranty, that is above industry standard. We measure success by our client’s satisfaction.
  • Space – Our highly qualified design team assists with developing a team room layout that centralizes the team, optimizes traffic flow, and maximizes available space.
  • Sanitation – Traditional locker solutions make sanitation difficult. GearBoss lockers feature inherently cleanable materials with ventilation throughout the locker for increased airflow.
  • Modularity – GearBoss lockers are built complete, one at a time, in a 400,000 sq. ft. facility where Wenger craftsmen use the latest technology and equipment. Each Locker is manufactured as one unit and does not share sidewalls or framing with other lockers in the Team Room.
  • Pride – Creating a signature team room not only looks great, but it inspires professionalism and pride in your athletic program among current and future athletes.


The ultimate team-building environment, combining unparalleled construction and high-end custom aesthetics with a new level of cleanliness.


  • Engineered with high-performance features that outperform and outlast wood veneers and cabinet-type construction
  • Modularity means you can make unlikely replacements without breaking glues, dowels, or adjacent components
  • Integrated bench seating eliminates the need for floor-mounted benches or folding chairs, saving valuable floor space
  • Open design promotes airflow to encourage drying and reduce mildew and odor buildup and can be enhanced with optional fans
  • Highly durable 3/4" (19 mm) thermofused composite wood core built to survive repeated rugged use in hardcore environments
  • Closed-cell structure poly-laminate surfaces are easier to clean and more durable than wood veneer
  • Antimicrobial laminates use nano-silver technology that lasts the life of the product and creates a hostile, lethal surface for bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew
  • 5/8" laminated wood shelf and hinged seat
  • Heavy-duty PVC edge banding maintains the integrity of the laminate surface and prevents chipping and separation
  • Long-lasting bolt-through construction on connections, hooks, and doors
  • Widths available in 2" (51 mm) increments from 18" (457mm) to 36" (914mm)
  • Three available side shape configurations: contour, cutback, and straight
  • Top cubby storage
  • Through bolting to connect side-by-side units allows easy removal of a single locker
  • Steel base mounting fixture provides natural ventilation and height adjustment to compensate for uneven floors


Optional accessories include lockable cubby; additional storage cubbies; football helmet and shoulder pad topper; fans for topper; full electronics, including lighted name plate and duplex outlet; programmable digital lock; footlocker drying racks; backlit footlocker fans; hooks and garment bar configurations; more than one thousand ultimate configurations and the ability to match the entire system to your school's colors and branding.

Ordering Information

Please call your Wenger representative for consultation.


We wanted recruits and players to feel good about what they see – it's a "Wow!" feeling when you walk in – and our GearBoss lockers really accomplish this. They are first-class – we're very impressed! The available options were also very attractive; other companies didn't offer these upgrades. Wenger did an outstanding job installing more than 340 wood lockers in our Multi-Purpose Athletic Center.

Jeff Stapleton
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey

Wenger really listened to us and translated our goals into reality. They came up with the best rendering and model of any company we worked with, and Wenger lockers stood out for how they're built. We wanted a locker room that gives players the 'wow factor' every time they walk in. Our new lockers also dry out everything in a timely manner and give our players a comfortable, convenient place to relax.

Andy Harris
Assistant Director of Football Operations, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota