About GearBoss

Winning starts here.

Wenger Corporation created the GearBoss brand of products when we recognized how sports organizations at all levels struggled with equipment management. Almost universally, athletic equipment has traditionally been stored in dark basements, cages, cardboard boxes and hand-made shelves. As an organization’s investment in modern equipment evolved and grew, the need arose to better manage, protect and organize valuable team equipment and uniforms. GearBoss High-Density Storage Systems arose from this need and revolutionized athletic storage rooms. Today, our carts, shelving and other innovative products have not only made storage more organized, breathable and secure but they’ve economized space and made equipment transport easy.

The same can be said for team locker rooms. The era of rusty, dented and damp lockers is over. GearBoss metal grid lockers have taken the team room to the modern era. Not only do our products make better use of space and seating, but they understand the importance of airflow to damp uniforms and towels.

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Nobody puts more emphasis on engineering, durability and quality. We’ve seen our share of competitors’ products that promised toughness and failed quickly when put to the daily demands of athletes. GearBoss understands how important it is to have athletic products that endure. We’ve learned this by listening to our customers — the driving force behind every product we build.

In addition to the GearBoss commitment to innovation is a tradition of outstanding customer service and support. Wenger Corporation stands behind each product with expert technical support, great warranties and customer service that’s responsive, thorough and dedicated to your individual needs.