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AirPro Metal Grid Lockers

AirPro® Metal Grid Lockers

GearBoss AirPro lockers give your team rooms the ultimate in ventilation, sanitation and space usage. They create team rooms that stand apart with a durable grid design and multiple color options. They mount off the floor offering thorough cleaning for a sanitary team room. Integrated seats remove the need for space-consuming benches. AirPro lockers offer a level of functionality and aesthetics that simply can't be matched by press-metal lockers.

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X-Carts High-Density Storage

X-Carts are high-density storage carts that maximize your space by sliding together and apart along a fixed aluminum track. Transforming your equipment room into an organized, clean, professional storage space is easy with GearBoss. Our rugged X-Carts are part of a smart, efficient system of storage that will save space, protect your equipment, and save you loads of time spent organizing. X-Carts roll laterally along a fixed aluminum track creating aisles between carts when you need to get at your equipment and closing back together when you don't. Carts can be configured with a full range of panels, doors and grilles in your team colors. You can also add accessories like doors, helmet hangers, shoulder pad stackers, hanger rods, shelves, dividers and more.

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Team Carts

Team Carts from GearBoss

Team Carts are high-density storage carts that operate like our X-Carts except that they can leave the track and transport your gear wherever you need it. Now it's easy to get your equipment out of storage and to the gym, practice area, parking lot or sidelines – without breaking a sweat. GearBoss Team Carts retain all the convenient storage benefits of X-Carts but are engineered to leave the track. Imagine all your gear organized on one or two high-density storage carts, traveling wherever it needs to go – and back again. Or park and lock your equipment in a temporary space, instantly creating safe, secure storage anywhere.

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SportCart from GearBoss

Compact GearBoss SportCarts can be used as part of a larger GearBoss installation or as a mobile, stand-alone solution. They are designed for use in small spaces and for sports that require less storage. Four heavy-duty, 5" swivel casters make mobility a snap. The nimble SportCart will navigate narrow hallways, shorter door openings and most elevators. It's the small-space storage solution.

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gearboss II

GearBoss® II High-Density Storage

The newest high-density storage system from Wenger joins our successful Team and X-Carts in creating athletic equipment storage rooms that make better use of available space. With this new system you get the same space-saving organization as our existing carts in a simplified system with a budget-friendly price. You will gain more control over the time and money lost to poor organization, lax security and misplaced inventory. This storage system is simply a better way to care for your equipment investments.

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GearBoss Shelving

GearBoss® Shelving

This is the affordable, flexible, durable solution for shelving storage and workspace needs. It works great for athletic, music and marching band storage; and theatre garment and prop storage. The cantilever design optimizes overhead space and keeps the floor free from supports for extra room. The system is so versatile it can be configured to your specific needs to make sure you get the maximum storage space.

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