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Wenger Corporation Provides One-Stop Solution for Houston’s Klein Cain High School

Company Provides Music Education, Performing Arts and Athletics Equipment

Wenger Corporation Provides One-Stop Solution for Houston’s Klein Cain High SchoolOWATONNA, MINN. (Sept. 26, 2019) – From music stands to an acoustical shell to athletic storage equipment, Wenger Corporation recently provided Klein Cain High School in Houston, Texas, a single-company solution for its many music education, performing arts, and athletic equipment needs.

Built in 2017, the high school had a variety of equipment requirements for its band, orchestra, and choir rehearsal rooms, main theatre, black box theatre, and its athletic areas. Wenger Corporation’s Wenger, J.R. Clancy, and GearBoss brands were the preferred solutions.

“The district saw the advantage of buying quality Wenger products to avoid problems later,” says Monte Mast, retired Klein Cain Independent School District Fine Arts Director. “We do it right the first time.”

Wenger Corporation’s broad array of high quality, safe, and reliable products was a natural fit for the school that needed products that would last years, if not decades.

Quality Investment

In the music education department, Mast and his team selected Wenger’s Student Chairs and Classic 50® Music Stands. Both are durable and the chairs are comfortable and support good posture.

The StageTek® risers in the rehearsal rooms provide a strong, yet lightweight solution for the band, orchestra, and choirs. The refined, smart design is the product of extensive research, engineering, and technical advancements in materials and manufacturing. The result is a lighter, stronger staging system that’s easier to handle and faster to set up.

“The Diva shell enables our auditorium’s acoustics to complement and support band, orchestra, and choir, who all require different configurations,” Mast says.

One of the primary benefits in addition to superior sound for the performers and audience is the shell’s versatility. During busy months, it’s often set up or reconfigured every other day. Striking the nine towers and three clouds takes only thirty minutes.

J.R. Clancy provided a full counterweight rigging system in the auditorium. This one-stop solution simplifies coordination for the general contractor and gives the customer a cost-saving package discount. It also means a single point of contact for the school.

Lighting Integration

In both the auditorium and black box theatre, Wenger Corporation provided lighting integration. Theatrical spotlights, utility lighting, and the integration of emergency lighting with the controls system were an integral part of the auditorium’s hybrid lighting system. In the black box theatre, Wenger implemented power, networking, and controls for a separate hybrid system for ease of use and control. 

“Wenger Corporation is always looking forward, listening to customers, and improving their products,” Mast says. “We’re proud to partner with them and include their products in our schools to help our students perform to the best of their abilities.”

Athletic Storage

In the athletic area, the GearBoss®II High-Density Storage System maximizes the school’s available space. The lockable carts roll laterally on tracks, providing easy access through a movable aisle. Grille panels not only promote excellent ventilation, but they help staff quickly identify the cart’s contents.


“We can really shine when a school needs quality equipment in their music education, performing arts, and athletic spaces,” says Stacy Hanson, Marketing Communications Director. “Our proven solutions offer limitless options, integrated solutions, and outstanding service and support – all of which help students and staff operate efficiently and effectively.”

Stacy Hanson, Director of Marketing Communications
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